What we offer

Maths: Years 4-12

Our bread and butter. We have been tutoring mathematics for over 10 years and have developed detailed knowledge of the specific weaknesses that students have. Our proprietary homework software allows us to pinpoint the exact errors each student makes so we can correct misunderstandings.

Our maths program also utilises neuroscience techniques to ensure students learn more, faster, and with less study overall

Physics, Biology, Chemistry: Years 11-12

We apply the science of the learning to learning science. Our coaches provide a rigorous approach to ensure students can address every syllabus dot point. Retention is a big focus as to avoid new knowledge being forgotten when a new term begins.

English: Years 4-12

Our English coaching focuses on helping students understand the fundamentals of English rather than rote-learning the content of specific books, poems or films. Depending on the need of each student tutors will work on grammar, sentence structure, decoding question prompts and constructing essays and pieces of creating writing.


Study Skills: Year 4-12

Many students waste hundreds of hours each year using ineffective study techniques like rereading passages, highlighting and underlining.

Due to parent demand we now run classes dedicated to teaching students how to use learning science techniques to make learning stick in all their courses.


How we deliver

1-on-1 in person - $90/hr

Private one-on-one coaching offers the highest level of attention and flexibility. During each lesson tutors are able to solely focus on the supporting the student which means closing knowledge gaps faster.

Please note lessons taught by our Founder are charged at $120/hr.


1-on-1 online - $90/hr

We understand that often travel can be an issue for many families. We now offer online tutoring using video conferencing. This occurs on a case-by-case basis and requires that your family has a stable internet connection. If you are interested in this please mention it in your enquiry.


Small groups -$25/hr

Small group tutoring provides a more affordable alternative to one-one-one tutoring. By using our proprietary software, Sandbox tutors are still able to personalise instruction by pinpointing the exact errors that each student makes. And while each student receives less individual instruction from the tutor, they benefit from peer learning.