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Sandbox Learning Australia is a professional tutoring organisation committed to using research-backed practises to help our students gain confidence and succeed.



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The Sandbox difference

With so many tutoring services on the market, the choice for parents can often be overwhelming. Sandbox Learning stands out because of our dedication to delivering deep impact over the long term.


A focus on mastery

Schools teach to a schedule. We teach until they understand.
The traditional model in education is to teach in blocks - teach one topic for a week and then move on. It doesn't matter whether students actually get it, the clock is ticking. 

At Sandbox we know learning maths is like building a house. If you keep building up on shaky foundations eventually everything will come crashing down. That's why we focus on making sure students master the fundamentals of each concept before we move on to new and harder ones. 



Making learning stick

Learning isn't the problem. Forgetting is.
Research shows that our brains forget 90% of what we learn within 7 days. Many tutors can help students understand things during the lesson but then the student can't remember 1 week, or 1 month later during a test. This means they waste countless hours re-learning things before exam day.

The Sandbox approach ensures students retain what they learn. We do this by harnessing leading brain science including retrieval practice, the spacing effect and interleaved practice.



A personalised approach. Every student. Every lesson.

Structured programs are good for the average student. But no student is average. 
Every learner is unique. Despite this, some tutoring centres have cookie-cutter programs where every student goes through the same approach.

At Sandbox each learner moves according to their particular needs. Every student starts with a baseline assessment to understand their specific strengths and knowledge gaps. Based on this we create a personalised learning plan, but this is just a starting point. We use proprietary software that enables our maths coaches to constantly measure student progress and adjust the plan based on their needs.



Student, Five Dock

"I am proud to say that Jesse has exceeded my expectations with his many ingenious ways of explaining something, in a very detailed manner. "


Parent, Newtown

"I thought you might like to know that Al got 85% for his exam! This is a fantastic result for him, especially after getting 45% earlier in the year, and due in no small part to your assistance and support."


Student, Bellevue Hill

“After tutoring I feel far more confident in class. I can see that my hard work is paying off with better results.”

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"Everyone learns differently yet education treats us all the same. You wouldn't put up with only 1 choice at a restaurant - why accept a cookie cutter approach to education?

Many competitors use group classes and standardised worksheets - not because they work best, but because they are easy to deliver.

The Sandbox method works because it addresses the specific gaps in a student's understanding. Our proven methodology has been built on over 10 years of experience tutoring schools and universities in both Australia and the US."

Jesse Whelan
Founder and Director of Learning | 99+ ATAR, Harvard MBA

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We have worked with students from these schools

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