Frequently Asked Questions

Who performs the tutoring?

Jesse and Liz carry out the initial consultation to understand the needs of each child. After then the child will be matched with a suitable Sandbox Learning tutor based on age, needs and schedule.

Is the tutoring one-on-one or in groups?

We offer both one-on-one and small group tutoring depending on your needs. One-on-one tutoring delivers the highest level of personalisation and individual support. Group classes are more affordable and benefits from peer interaction.

How much does it cost?

One-on-one tutoring costs $80/hr up to Year 10 and $100/hr for Years 11 and 12. We also offer group tutoring. If you are interested please enquire.

Will I keep the same tutor each term?

We try our best each term to keep you matched with the same tutor. However since each term student and tutor availability changes this is not always possible. The more flexible student’s can be with availability the more likely we are able to keep the match. It the event that this isn’t possible never fear, we have many other wonderful tutors ready to support.

Will the tutors come to me?

No. Tutoring sessions are held at our Sandbox Learning office in Edgecliff.

In certain circumstances tutoring can be performed online through video conference. This will be agreed on a case-by-case basis where we are comfortable there is the right environment for learning.

Will students be assigned homework?

Yes. Practice is a critical in reinforcing new concepts and making the learning stick. The exact amount of homework depends on each student’s needs but will be around 1 hr per week.

How often does the tutoring occur?

Our one-on-one tutoring is flexible. However like exercise, the best results come through regular use. We recommend setting up a regular weekly schedule.

Is it aligned with the curriculum?

Yes the tutoring aligns with the Australian and NSW maths curricula

Will they be working on school homework?

In general no. The Sandbox approach focuses on addressing each student’s specific learning gaps. For most students this means going back to review concepts in previous terms or years. Since maths is cumulative, getting the foundation right is critical to allow students to succeed in later concepts.

Does Sandbox help students prepare for NAPLAN and selective/scholarship exams?

Yes certainly. We support students by getting them to understand the underlying maths concepts. This in turn allows them to perform well on external exams. Additionally our tutors teach study skills to help students maximise their learning in less time.