What we look for in our tutors

At Sandbox Learning Australia we believe that knowing a subject well and being able to teach it are very different. We look for tutors who

  1. Have demonstrated mastery in the relevant area (e.g. Band 5/6 or Distinctions in university courses);
  2. Are able to explain complex concepts simply and from multiple points of view;
  3. Are focused on delivering objective learning improvements for their students;
  4. Are committed to improving their teaching practice and using data to inform instruction.

All tutors will need to hold a valid Working With Children Check. This process is quick and easy and can be done here.

Why work for us? 

Clearly our most important focus in on helping our students learn and grow. That is a given. But we believe that we should also provide a great working experience for tutors.

I think that a good tutoring centre can do both - that's why I started Sandbox Learning.


Consecutive hours = better effective hourly wage

Working on your own can be lucrative - I know, I did the same thing for many years. But working ad-hoc hours here and there kills you on the travel. E.g. if you get $50 for an hour but have to travel 30min each way your effective rate is only $25/hr.

By getting students to come to a central point we can give you back-2-back hours


Get compensated for getting fewer hours

It will take some time to get up to speed and so there will likely only be a few hours to begin with. Unlike other tutoring providers we use a sliding $/hr scale to compensate for this.

This means we will pay you more per hour if you only get 1 or 2 hours back-2-back.


Spend less time on marking and admin

Let's face it, marking can suck. Every minute you spend marking is a minute you could be spending helpful students learn. Yet setting and marking homework is crucial to understand deeply what you student does and doesn't know.

The Sandbox method uses technology to help you make the best use of your time.



We know that life happens (exams, birthday, music concerts, etc..) and this can make it hard to attend every session. With Sandbox that's ok. Just let us know a few days in advance, but preferably a week, so we can sort out a replacement and make sure your student doesn't suffer.

Unlike other tutoring providers we won't penalise you for this by allocating new students to other tutors.


Personal and professional growth

We are also hiring for other roles in Sandbox Learning within the tutoring centre and to support our proprietary software platform.

Additionally there is a great opportunity for growth and mentorship. Our team has worked in a variety of professional roles while our Founder completed an MBA at Harvard Business School. We believe in sharing our network to help tutors when they are ready to take that next career step.